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The workplace of the 21st century is vastly different in terms of organizational hierarchy and the scope of employee job requirements. Successful presidents and CEO’s have undertaken the task of keeping their business profitable and equally important, maintaining the employees willingness to get the job done. Human resource departments are increasingly overwhelmed with staying abreast of insurance regulations, equal opportunity issues and labor and fair practice laws.  

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In todays economy margins are getting smaller and smaller, because of this companies are becoming more and more creative to increase these margins.  Employees need to remain at a high level of productivity to keep your production cost down in order to remain competitive and to make a profit.  More and more companies are realizing that their employees are their most valuable asset and that what happens outside of  the workplace can effect productivity in the workplace.  Employees are often faced with difficulties that cause stress in their daily lives.  Martial and family issues, financial troubles and workplace conflict can negatively affect employees, resulting in poor job performance and unscheduled absences, such as illness, loss of loved ones, and a multitude of other things.  Many companies have recognized the need to add a chaplain to their EAP to help workers effectively manage the stress in their lives while also maintaining a positive and productive work environment.

Bottom Line: your in business to make money and you have invested a lot time and money in them to train and keep them at a high level of productivity and you will continue to do so. Also Having a Chaplain speaks to your employee that you care about them as a person outside the workplace which builds Loyalty and brings Morale up.
Having a Chaplain is the least costly EAP you can have we charge a Nominal fee for each employee monthly compared to other EAPs we provide 24/7 service and are in your workplace weekly building relationships and trust with them which builds their confidence in the Chaplain and when they have a problem they will call upon the Chaplain for help.

Our Motto is ”FACE TO FACE IN THE WORKPLACE.” No Other EAP Offers That.


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