Please consider this letter a recommendation for Barry Poche and Work Force Ministry. I have known Barry for the past 7 years both as a co-worker and a friend. We met initially when Barry applied for and was accepted as a contract chaplain for a Corporate Chaplaincy Service of which I was co-founder and Executive […]

Carol Hall Ministries

It is my honor to write this letter of recommendation and introduction of Barry Poche. Barry has served with great distinction as the lead Chaplain as well as a stint as the Interim Director with Corporate Chaplaincy. He has served for over seven years and has ministered to countless workers in a dozen locations in […]

Corporate Chaplaincy

We as a business look forward to Barry’s day to visit he always brings joy and good cheer with him and leaves us in a better mood for having visited with him. Barry makes a difference in our lives. He has counseled many for many different reasons and if he had not been available, many […]


I have worked with Barry for over six years and I am very familiar with his performance and activities while serving as our Corporate Chaplain. Barry has a heart for this. It is obvious that this is not just a job for him, but it is his mission. In the years that he has served […]


Barry has been a great asset to company, and we consider him an important member of our team. He has been able to give us very personalized service that an EAP simply cannot provide. Barry visits our manufacturing facility at least twice a week.  Barry also schedule’s off-site counseling for employees and their immediate family, […]


Our employees must deal with the obstacles and anxieties the world precipitates daily and our Chaplain fills a crucial, confidential roll in providing guidance and counseling for those individuals who need assistance in managing these stresses. The rewards our employees have from Barry come in the forms of a friendly visit, a pat on the […]

Zero Mountain