In the past twelve years that I’ve served as a chaplain in the workplace I have had the opportunity to help employees go through crisis in their lives, from the loss of a loved one, divorce, or a mother being met at the workplace and being told her son had been killed in Iraq. It is during those times I was glad the companies I served elected to have a chaplain in place. Most Human Resource managers do not have the ability or time to help these employees get through difficult situations even though they care deeply for their coworkers.

Work Force Inc. will not only be there in time of crisis but also on a weekly basis to visit and help build bridges between the employer and the employees. One thing that sets Work Force Inc. apart from other EAPs is we are in the work place meeting people face to face, building relationships and trust. As a result when people go through struggles they may have, trust can be found in their chaplain.


Barry Poche

Chaplain and Administrator

Member of the AACC

American Association of Christian Counselors