Please consider this letter a recommendation for Barry Poche and Work Force Ministry. I have known Barry for the past 7 years both as a co-worker and a friend.

We met initially when Barry applied for and was accepted as a contract chaplain for a Corporate Chaplaincy Service of which I was co-founder and Executive Director. His outstanding qualities of compassion, caring and wisdom in the lives of the employees under his care quickly made him one of my most valuable chaplains.

Barry proved his total dependability and faithfulness to the duties of company chaplain and always showed an instinctive understanding of each employee’s particular need and how to meet it. He performed his responsibilities cheerfully and without regard for his own personal convenience day or night.

Both management and employees have found it very easy to respond to Barry’s friendly approach and I have heard nothing but the sincerest praise for the effectiveness of his chaplaincy work. I hold him in the highest regard for personal integrity and trustworthiness. You will find him to be of tender and caring heart with hurting people, and forthright and honest in all his dealings.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to you and hope you will give Barry Poche and Work Force Ministry serious consideration for your company.