I have worked with Barry for over six years and I am very familiar with his performance and activities while serving as our Corporate Chaplain. Barry has a heart for this. It is obvious that this is not just a job for him, but it is his mission. In the years that he has served our employees, he has endeared himself to them and they have developed a sense of trust that allows Barry to help our employees in a way that we could never do as their employer. Barry can show that as an employer, we do value them as a person with the intent that they feel that they are more than just an employee number and hopefully that they will also feel that we aren’t just a paycheck.

While all of Barry’s dealings with the employees are strictly confidential, I have been told by employees of how thankful they are that we can provide this service and Barry has gained their full confidence.

While the personal activities are confidential, Barry is a good morale measuring stick of the plant for me.

The subjects that Barry deals with the serious issues that could, and do, distract from the employee’s attention to his, work subjects such as marital problems, child rearing, financial issues, things that a supervisor is not trained to discern or assist with. These are very personal matters. This is where Barry shines, redirecting the stress energy into developing a plan and taking steps of action to come to a positive solution.

He is diligent in performing his duties and has many times gone beyond what we would expect to help our employees.

In conclusion, Barry is our bridge to helping our employees without the company’s personal involvement, but still being able to receive a positive response from the employees, knowing we support them.